What we’re pouring


20 Deep Flight – $16/flight

A great way to try our wines. Choose Any 4 Wines, 1.5oz Of Each

The Craft Flight – $16/flight

We’ve released a red wine blend we call The Craft. In this flight you get to taste each component of the blend separately and savor the final wine at the end. It Includes Samples Of Cab Franc, Gamay Noir, Saperavi, And, Of Course, The Craft Itself.

Sparkling Wine

Grüner Veltliner – $12/6oz

DRY | MAINSTAY Sip on this bubbly Grüner Veltliner: zesty vibes, tangy citrus kick made for our Savugion Blanc and Albariño lovers.

The Estate Cuvee – $12/6oz

SEMI-DRY | RARE GEM Our Cuvee is a delightful blend crafted from a row of each of our wonderful varietals: Gruner Veltliner, Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir, and Gamay. This bubbly treat is gently carbonated and boasts a touch of sweetness in its finish, giving it a charming and approachable character.

Strawberry Rosé – $12/6oz

SEMI-DRY | REMIX this sparkling wonder teams up our dry rosé with organic strawberries. It’s got a touch of sweetness, keeping all those classic dry rosé flavors intact, but guess what? There’s this super-duper strawberry twist that shows up in the grand finale of each sip.

Peach Riesling – $12/6oz

SEMI-SWEET | REMIX This little number brings together the sweetness of Riesling and the juicy goodness of peaches, all with a touch of sparkle. Our winemaker lets them hang out together for a while, so you get the full-on peach party in every sip.

White & Rosé Wine

Dry Rosé – $11/6oz

DRY | ROSE | MAINSTAY We whipped this beauty up from a mix of Pinot Noir and Gamay Noir, and let me tell you, it’s like the VIP of sunny days. We let the grapes and skins hang out for a cool 24 hours, which gives the wine this amazing salmon hue and a taste that’s basically a refreshing breeze in a glass.

The Estate Blanc – $12/6oz

WHITE | DRY | MAINSTAY Just like our beloved Estate Cuvee, this is a field blend but with a twist – instead of bubbles, we’ve given it the cozy embrace of oak aging and pamper it with some quality time on the lees.

Red Wines

The Craft – $13/6oz

DRY | MAINSTAY Our Head Winemaker’s Special Red Blend. sIt’s like a carefully crafted mixtape of wines! Imagine the best qualities of each type coming together for a sip that’s complex yet perfectly balanced.

Gamy Noir, Carbonic – $12/6oz

DRY | REMIX A red wine that is both fruit-forward and lighter in body. It exhibits moderate acidity and a delightful combination of vibrant fruit flavors. 

Saperavi – $13/6oz

DRY | MAINSTAY This wine has a rich, deep color and a generous dose of tannins that bring boldness to every sip – full-bodied and oh-so satisfying.

Lemberger a.k.a. Blaufränkisch – $12/6oz

DRY | REMIX If you’re into full-bodied reds this is your jam.

Un-Oaked Cabernet Franc – $12/6oz

DRY | REMIX This red wine is all about easy sipping vibes, best enjoyed chilled. If you’re stepping into the world of reds or need a breather from those powerhouse cabs, this one’s your friendly escape.


RJ20 Hard Cider – $7/13oz

SEMI-DRY | REMIX Limited edition Gewurztraminer Cider crafted in collaboration with Red Jack Orchard & 20 Deep Winery.


Grazing Boards (GF) $18

Rotating selection of Local cured meats, cheeses and accompaniments. Served with salty bread or gluten free crackers.

Bag of Chocolate – $9

Hedonist Chocolates – Ginger pistachio, sesame, or espresso

FLX Popcorn (GF)$7

White Cheddar or Salted Caramel

Kettle Chips (GF)$3

Plain or salt vinegar


The local Cream – $7/13oz

Pilsner | 4.5% ABV | Full of bright citrus with notes of wildflower from our neighbors at OKAY Beer Co.

Simulated NEIPA – $8/16oz

NEIPA | 6.8% ABV | Underground Beer Lab. Tropical, stone fruit, and citrus flavors.

Shifting Hypothesis Hazy IPA – $8/16oz

IPA | 7.0% ABV | Underground Beer Lab. Double dry hopped with mosaic, cryo mosaic and Idaho

Vast Expanse Hazy IPA – $8/16oz

Hazy IPA | 5.8% ABV | Underground beer lab A blend of NZ hops over a soft base of malted oats

It Was Written Fruited Sour$8/16oz

Fruited Sour | 6.0% ABV | Rising Storm Orange, Guava & Passion Fruit.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Athletic Brewing IPA – $4

Non Alcoholic | IPA Loaded with amarillo, citra and mosaic hops

Sparkling Pink Grapefruit – $4

made with real juice – Fever-Tree

Pellegrino Sparkling Water – $4

Tangerine, Blood Orange or Pomegranate

Honest Kids Organic Juice – $1

Fruit punch, Apple, Grape & Berry Berry

Soda – $2

Coke-zero, Ginger Ale